• Tolerance and Sympathy *
    To improve social harmony by approaching to different ideas, opinions, and behaviors with tolerance and sympathy without any prejudice unless they do not damage our values and do not threat our existence, and to give value to human.

  • Unity, Integrity *
    Being “we” together with their employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

  • Transparency and accountability *
    Being transparent in all of their commercial and social acvities and to give account for any of their actions and behaviors.

  • Being aware of social responsibilities *
    Contributing to economic , social, and environmental development while being aware of their social responsibilities

Our Vısıon

Our vision is to be a global brand in terms of service excellence and customer satisfaction, which creates permanent differences and respects them with their superior superiority and is preferred by the pioneers in the sectors in which they operate.

Our Mıssıon

Deval Marine, with its competitive and sustainable growth potential, is the number one and the most widely known and preferred name in the world as a long-term and sustainable solution partner that provides fast and reliable service in accordance with the expectations and needs of customers in bulk transportation, as well as human resources, management, is a maritime company that aims to be among the world's leading bulk transportation companies in the fields of technology, customer focus and environmental awareness.